Are you a renaissance man?

Are you a renaissance man?

renaissance man

Renaissance man

The first post on my new site. Renaissance man? What’s that?

Well, renaissance man is,  of course, a gender neutral term in these enligthened days. Not so, I guess, in the days of the most well known Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519).  For most people he is famous for his Mona Lisa painting, curated in the Louvre. I guess, dear readers, there is no need for me to show you an image of the Mona Lisa.

A renaissance man or in other words a polymath, is someone who considers learning as the most important of a fulfilling life. Mental development is considered crucial and reading books, articles and newspapers is one of the  key activities. This You Tube video gives an very instructive explanation of the concept.

Secondly, understanding and appreciation for culture is a way to become a polymath. Visiting musea, galleries, foreign countries etc should be a point of focus in your existence.

You should also consider physical development important. So you might consider going to the gym, join a sportsclub or just go for a run in the rain.

Pads to Polymathy, is an inspiring Ted talk by Ben Vangrift.

Specialisation is for insects and has the danger in it of tunnelvision.

Therefore, this blog will be about law, music, photography, running, literature, art, wine, cars, cities, countries

We are all natural polymaths. You don’t have to be a genius, or a Leonardo 2.0  you just have to be skilled in various subjects. Don’t stop learning. Are you willing to learn outside your comfort zone?

“You have this impulse to know and, therefore, things stick to you – you put on, as it were, epistemological weight”   

Stephen Fry 

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